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Our Letter of condolences


The owners, professors, and administration of Moscow University Touro would like to join well-wishers around the world in offering  their condolences on the passing of Rabbi Dr.Bernard Lander.

He was a man of the spirit, as well as a man of the academy, a fighter for the rights of minorities, as well as a man with a dynamic capacity for founding educational institutions and guiding them to maturity.

We at Moscow University Touro are connected to Dr.Lander as a result of this last talent: without his initiative in founding the original Touro College in New York almost forty years ago, our own institution - which shares the ideas of the mother college - would not exist.

Our own branch of Touro is closer in size to Dr.Lander's original brain-child, but we are surely a testament to his boldness of vision: who could have imagined in 1971 that a Touro College would exist, promoting his educational values, in as geographically, politically and culturally removed a place as Moscow? And yet our own Touro College has existed under his guidance for almost two decades.

This then is how we can personally measure Dr.Lander's originality and richness of vision. He will be missed, and we can only reiterate our sincere condolences.